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What is the problem?


  • Importing counterfeit goods is illegal in Switzerland. Customs can seize fake goods and destroy them, even when it’s ‘just’ a small souvenir for personal use.
  • The counterfeiting industry is part of organised crime. By buying fake goods, you’re supporting criminals who couldn’t care less about jobs and working conditions.
  • Counterfeit goods are of inferior quality. Manufacturers don’t care about your health and safety. Fake medication, tools, toys and spare parts can be particularly dangerous.
  • Counterfeiters don’t invest in research and development. Instead, they steal ideas and don’t pay any taxes or social security contributions from their illegally-earned money. As a result, the economy pays the price and jobs are destroyed.
  • Counterfeiters can’t be held accountable for warranty and liability claims because their identities are unknown.

Tips for consumers – recognising counterfeits

You can find more information about how to recognise counterfeits and pirated copies here.