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Statistics on counterfeiting and piracy

A study specially prepared by the OECD for Switzerland illustrates how trade in counterfeit and pirated goods affects Swiss economy. It studies the magnitude and impacts of global trade in counterfeit Swiss goods. It also explores the impact on four Swiss industries: watchmaking, mechanical and electrical engineering industries, the fast-moving consumer goods industry (FMCG) and pharmaceutical industry.
The analysis in this report relies primarily on a quantitative assessment using the tailored statistical methodologies developed by the OECD, drawing on data from a large dataset on customs seizures of intellectual property-infringing goods.

Key findings:

Scale and magnitude oft he threat

  • The total value of world trade in fake goods that infringed Swiss intellectual property rights amounted to as much as CHF 7 billion (USD 7.02 billion) in 2018, equivalent to 2.3% of all Swiss genuine exports.
  • Among Swiss counterfeit products, watches are by far the most targeted. Other Swiss products commonly faked include clothing, leather products and footwear.
  • Over 2017-2019, about 54% of fake goods that infringe Swiss IP were sold to consumers who knew they were buying fake goods. The share of consumers who knowingly demand fake Swiss goods grows steadily; in the previous period, between 2011-2016, it amounted to 52.3%

Impact on the Swiss economy

  • In 2018, the total lost sales of Swiss IP rights holders due to trade in fake goods infringing their rights amounted to more than CHF 4.45 billion (USD 4.48 billion).
  • The total job losses due to trade in counterfeit goods infringing Swiss IPRs amounted to more than 10 000 Swiss employees

The brochure and complete study on product counterfeiting, piracy and the Swiss economy can be found on the website of the Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual Property.

Statistics and studies on the European Union

Studie: Global Trade in FakesA WORRYING THREAT

This study presents an updated quantitative analysis of the value, scope and magnitude of world trade in counterfeit and pirated products. Based on data for 2019, it estimates that the volume of international trade in counterfeit and pirated products amounted to as much as USD 464 billion in that year, or 2.5% of world trade. Drawing on detailed EU data, this study also provides an in-depth assessment of the situation in the European Union. The results show that in 2019, imports of counterfeit and pirated products into the EU amounted to as much as EUR 119 billion (USD 134 billion), which represents up to 5.8 % of EU imports.

Executive Summary
Entire Study in English

Statistics on counterfeiting and piracy from the Federal Customs Administration:

Statistics 2020

Statistics 2019

Statistics 2018

Statistics 2017

Statistics 2016