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Bought a counterfeit? What to do

Fight back

If you’ve been deceived into buying a fake product, contact the seller immediately and try to cancel the purchase. Tell the seller that you want to give back the product in exchange for a refund. An attorney can be helpful. If you ordered the counterfeit from abroad, you’re not allowed to send it back as exporting counterfeit goods is prohibited. Reselling it at home is also not a solution as you make yourself liable to prosecution by doing so.

Sales platforms like eBay provide buyer protection programmes which can help if necessary. If you paid with a credit card, notify the credit card issuer and dispute the bill within the stated time limits.

Report the incident

Report the incident in as much detail as you can and include all evidence. In this way, you are making an important contribution to the fight against counterfeiting and piracy.

List of recommended hotlines:

What should you do when customs seizes your fakes?

Customs officials must notify the original manufacturer of suspicious counterfeits and initially retain the goods. It's better to forego the goods if you’re not one hundred percent certain that they’re genuine. If you decide not to forgo them and the original manufacture is able to persuade the court that the goods are counterfeit, you might have to pay additional costs. In addition, you can be faced with having to pay claims for damages. If the manufacturer is unable to prove to the court that the goods are counterfeit, your items will be returned to you and you will not have to bear any costs.

Tips for consumers – Bought a counterfeit? What to do